Sunday, December 14, 2014

Salvage Crew Humans Kickstarter (stats)

      My first kickstarter ended well and all rewards shipped to 240 customers within 45 days. Three customers did not pay and four customers pledged $1 for support. Rewards started shipping on November 3rd and finished on December 15th 2014.

The basic pledge of $30 was for 20 human figures at 28mm scale (slot bases included)
Each person received a stretch goal package of nine additional security drone figures consisting of 25 parts.

Total parts per basic pledge (45 x 236 =10,620 parts)
Road kill corpses (80 x 27 = 2,160 parts)
Add-on security drone 101 (107 x 7 parts = 749 parts)
Add-on security drone 102 (55 x 5 parts = 275 parts)
Add-on security drone 103 (95 x 5 parts = 475 parts)
Add-on additional Salvage Crews (16 x 20 = 320 parts)

Grand total parts cast and shipped was 14,599

     Now that all rewards have been shipped,  we are now offering singles and the set of 20 humans at

     The security drones will have their own Kickstarter with expanded parts / options in the fall of 2015 and are not available as singles at this time.  Follow my blog for updates when the security drones become available.  


  1. Mr. Lauck,

    I'd be extremely interested in any leftover Salvage Crew humans that you still might have kicking around. I noticed a few figures available via Armorcast, but any chance you still offer the whole set yourself?

    Thanks for your time,

  2. has received our molds for the entire Salvage Crew sci-fi range and they have until mid 2022 to get them up on their website for sale before signing a new contract.