Sunday, December 14, 2014

Salvage Crew Body Count (basic game)

      In 2010, I bought the molds and rights to a game and miniatures line called Star Mogul originally produced by the defunct Alpha Forge Games. I absolutely fell in love with the figures and quickly made plans to expand the game system. Unfortunately, there was never enough time in the day to work on the new game retitled Salvage Crew.

      “Salvage Crew Body Count” is my second attempt at the game rules.  The first set of rules have been scrapped (no pun intended),  and I've started over from scratch with good results. The rules will be offered for free in the summer of 2015 focusing on the human figures and weaponry. This newest version is a fast-play game with action galore, the rules are easy to learn, and there are combatant deaths on both sides every turn. This game is great for the introduction of table top gaming for newbies,  plus you can use our figures or your own as weapon cards are part of this system. 

     After this basic game, I will add-on more rules as miniatures are introduced specific to light vehicles, security drones, and a few other races. I will roll out one Salvage Crew miniatures kickstarter a year to help defray the initial costs of mold work, metal ingots, shipping supplies, and other necessary expenses to help keep pricing down.  I simply don't have to raise as many funds to make a project happen, since I'm personally invested in the  initial sculptures before any offerings.   Be sure to follow my blog to get updated news about upcoming releases.    


  1. Hi Johnny. I apologise if this is a mute question asnwered elsewhere, but I came accross these fine looking fellows:
    I was wondering if they are going to be made available again tho it looks like you are following a 28mm path with Salvage Crew at the moment. Need to ask!

  2. My personal favorite scale is 15mm, but there just does not seem to be the level of support in the industry for this size. I may bring them back at some point, but all sculpting ceased on the 15mm when I sold off most of the molds in 2013. I still have a bunch of 15mm greens/sculpts laying around that have yet to have master metal castings created.

    1. Hi Johnny. Only a few months later.... (the notify check didn't work on my message so I missed your reply.)
      Yes, I'm a big 15mm fan too but would disagree with your conclusion that there isn't the level of support for the scale at the moment. It's for that reason that I have certain plans to plug a few holes in the market that I see at the moment. For that reason I ask a couple of questions;
      1. Where were the moulds for the 15mm Body Count minis sold? Or are they available? If so do you have any details on availability and costs?
      2. Ditto the above for any greens that you may have but do not plan on moving forward with?
      Please feel free to email me at jamesatwarchestdotcodotuk

    2. Are you around to answer questions?

  3. Replies
    1. The 28mm Salvage Crew molds just went over to and the 15mm masters I am keeping for the moment.