Monday, December 15, 2014

Dungeon Decor series II

      My second kickstarter containing a collection of fantasy 25mm to 28mm scenery will be launched in the spring of 2015. This expansion contains over 40 never before seen pieces.  Series two was in various stages of completion when I made the decision to shut down Mega Miniatures, and like Road Kill Corpses, I want to finish this project. The majority of the master castings are nearly completed as of this writing as well as painted images.  Some of which I will share with everyone as teasers here on this blog once we are into the new year.

     There will only be two reward levels.  The first level at $30 and the second at $60.   All pieces from this series will be sold in my online store once the last kickstarter supporter's package has been shipped.  Because the purpose behind  is to focus on the Salvage Crew range,  at some point in time I will be selling the Dungeon Decor series II molds to other companies, just as I did with the first series of Dungeon Decor.

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Johnny Lauck

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  1. Aw... no halfling trophy heads? (:

    What's the difference between the pledge levels? Looking forward to the KS!!!