Thursday, May 4, 2017

Dungeon Scenery & Anthropomorphic Adventurers 28mm

 My last Kickstarter with products shipping in June 2017.  Casting equipment and molds to be sold later in the year.

Free Fursona PDF stats of all 10 anthro characters with art

$25 Basic pledge (6 feline anthros and 5 treasure chests) 15 miniatures Free shipping USA

$45 pledge (Basic pledge plus any stretch goals achieved, possible 48 miniatures) Free shipping USA

$100 pledge (Double Basic pledge and triple stretch goals even if not achieved) 129 figures Free shipping USA

Add-on selection of previous KS projects (Dungeon D├ęcor, Undead, Carcasses, Salvage Crew, Robots)

Monday, February 27, 2017

Robots, Drones, Cybers, Ratmen Kickstarter

     The basic pledge of $45 nets you a pound in weight of metal figures; a total of 25 containing 83 separately cast parts.  My 5th Kickstarter contains new and old pieces, many of which have not been available since 2013.  Unlike my previous Kickstarters there are no stretch goals.  Just one big cheap pile of robotic madness!   

     Plus, I have included many add-on options from cyber-grunts, to units of security drones.  I’ve spent the last two years making well over 100 molds for this project which can be purchased till March 30th 2017.  I will begin shipping pledges as early as April with the bulk shipping in May of 2017.