Monday, May 16, 2016

Zombie and Skeleton Fantasy Monsters series I

    2016 will be the year of the Fantasy Monsters for  with two Kickstarters scheduled on the subject, one live right now and the other just before the year is out.  

     This first set includes 15 Fantasy Zombie and Skeletal Monsters at 28mm scale on Kickstarter till June 18th 2016, plus 15 additional Dungeon D├ęcor stretch goals.  

     Already reasonably priced at $2.66 each, achieved stretch goals can bring the price down to $1.25 each and the double pledge level can potentially bring the price down to 99 cents each.  This is my 4th Kickstarter and I cast my own figures with over 100,000 parts sold in the previous three completed Kickstarters.

Also, you can add-on over 100 different single figures from my previous three Kickstarters.   Go to this Kickstarter where you will find the PDF  Catalog download with part numbers, prices, and pics.

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