Wednesday, June 24, 2015

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     The products below are cast and shipped as needed by JohnnyBorgCastings.  A tracking          number will be sent to your paypal e-mail address via via user John A Lauck of        Discount Hobby, Inc.   The price includes free shipping world wide.

 Salvage Crew 20 Humans $50.00
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    This set of 28mm scale miniatures are cast in a white metal and 20 plastic slot bases are included.  Free shipping world wide on all orders.  

   Tavern 70 miniatures $50.00
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    There are 70 pieces to this set as depicted.  Figures are cast in a white metal are unpainted and can be used for both 25mm and 28mm scale.  Free shipping world wide on all orders.  
    The 70 figures include one each of six seated patrons, abbey chair, barrel chair, cut barrel chair,     square table, round table, temple table, end table, stool, stone bench, wheel burrow, grinding stone, sun dial, hour glass, pile of wood, bellow, measuring scales, two sizes of pestles, butter churn, four different scrolls, six different books open and closed, coffin, wall mounted candle and torch, bat frame mirror, vase with three canes, cooking pot large and small, anvil, hammer, coiled rope, satchel, lute, crystal ball, six basic seating chairs, two basic tables, roast pig and chicken on platter, and 10 random dinner ware with various food and drink. Not depicted by also included is one bookshelf. 

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