Sunday, December 14, 2014

Road Kill Corpses Limited Edition 28mm

      This set of 80 figures was available from July 23rd through October 31st 2014 and then discontinued.   The Road Kill Corpses was my first project since Mega Miniatures ceased to operate. 

      Some of the sculptures from this set were lying around the office for over three years.  I seriously thought about selling what sculpts I had to another company.  However, I decided to finish this project, so I could write it off my “to do” list once and for all and released it for a limited time at my new website

      The set took nearly a year to complete, having only spare time on the weekends. Improvements to my promotional material were made by offering a full color flyer at actual scale. The extra effort made little difference, and the series sold poorly.  I did learn that gamers aren’t into fun figures as they used to be.   Pure functionality on the gaming table is what sells. Still, I have no regrets wrapping up this set and I was able to include them as part of my first kickstarter too.

      You can still download the Road Kill Corpses pdf brochure HERE.

The following images depict the entire set pictured to scale with a WOC plastic female miniature.  


  1. Are you, by chance, selling the molds and production rights to any of these units? I'm mostly interested in the lot of humans. Maybe remarket them in a detective board game form for those with darker minds.

  2. I bought some of the figures from this set. Actually the flyer with figures in actual scale is was what made me decide to buy (though I guess having a physical copy was not really necessary).

  3. I really liked these--they will work well for a number of games. I am using some of the dead animals in a Department 56 Halloween scene. The humans make great hostages. I liked the fact they didn't have a base. Glad I got them when they were around---and you might consider re-releasing them if you can.

  4. I love this set! Any chance you'd consider re-releasing them? The humans and forest animals especially would make great dungeon decoration.

  5. These are great!

    I would buy a whack of them if you spun them up again.